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Ann Arbor, Michigan, Medical Malpractice and ICU Complications Lawyers

Once a loved one is placed in an intensive care unit (ICU), they are already in a serious medical situation that requires careful and appropriate standards of care by nurses, doctors and medical staff. When medical staff is careless or indifferent to the critical care of a loved one, this negligence ultimately can cause a loved one's condition to seriously worsen or lead to untimely death. While we understand that mistakes happen, there are some accidents that could and should be been prevented.

Assisting With Negligence Claims Involving ICU Complications

The Law Office of Andrew S. Muth, P.C., in the Ann Arbor, Michigan, area, provides medical malpractice victims with thorough and effective legal representation. We stick to what we know best: attention to detail, facts, and the law. Our ICU complications lawyers have extensive experience handling medical malpractice cases. For more information about how our firm can be of assistance with an ICU complications case, please contact us.

Our lead attorney Andrew S. Muth has 35 years of experience investigating medical malpractice cases. He will work with leading industry experts in order to make the strongest case possible for each client's situation. In cases where a client has lost a loved one, we can file a wrongful death lawsuit on their behalf. While we understand that nothing could ever replace a loved one, our goal is to guide our clients and their families in seeking justice and holding any negligent individuals responsible.

When Critical Care Was Below Accepted Standards

We thoroughly evaluate each client's case to determine whether actions taken by medical staff in the ICU were substandard and negligent. Actions that can be considered negligent include:

  • Nursing errors
  • Failure to properly diagnose
  • Medication errors
  • Dosage errors
  • Failure to properly administer intravenous medications
  • Failure to properly monitor patient
  • Failure to check patient's vital signs
  • Lack of proper post-operative care
  • Indifference to patient's care
  • Failure to appreciate seriousness of patient's condition
  • Improper care in monitoring neonatal infants

Free Consultation With Ypsilanti Intensive Care Errors Attorneys

We provide contingency-based fees, so there are no attorney's fees unless we recover damages for you. We serve clients in the Detroit, Ann Arbor and surrounding areas of Michigan. Please call our Detroit-area law firm today at 734-481-8800 orsend us an e-mail to discuss your medical malpractice and ICU complications case.