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Personal Injury Lawyer Ann Arbor MI

We Partner With The Best of the Best

The Michigan Law Office of Andrew S. Muth, P.C., takes great pride in never compromising our integrity or quality of legal representation. Our lawyers understand that our personal injury practice can only be as successful as the people we consult and partner with on our cases.

Attorney Andrew S. Muth has 35 years of experience trying medical malpractice and personal injury cases across the Detroit and Ann Arbor metro areas. During those years, he has cultivated strong working relationships with a network of physicians and other experts. His network includes highly esteemed and qualified experts from the best medical schools.

Case Support

Our experts provide invaluable personal injury case support. They can independently review medical records to provide an objective opinion on possible standard of care violations. They can also review hospital records to determine a pattern of negligence and liability.

Our clients' personal injury cases can create financial hardships. We can consult with industry-leading economists and accountants to gain informed insights into our clients' long-term financial needs. Having expert testimony can help us provide juries and insurance companies with a clearer understanding of our case.

Free Consultations

Please call us today at 734-481-8800 orsend us an e-mail to discuss your personal injury or medical malpractice case. We provide contingency-based fees, so there are no attorneys fees unless we recover compensation for you.