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Failure to Diagnose Lawyers in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Michigan Failure to Diagnose Attorneys

When a medical provider fails to timely diagnose a medical condition, the consequences can be devastating. One's condition can rapidly deteriorate and even put a person at risk for long-lasting or even permanent injuries. The Ann Arbor-area Law Office of Andrew S. Muth, P.C., has extensive experience handling medical malpractice cases. Contact our lawyers who will expertly seek the compensation that is deserved for the injuries incurred.

Violating Accepted Standards of Care

A patient has the right to pursue damages if they suffer lasting medical effects from a medical professional's failure to diagnose a condition. Attorney Andrew S. Muth has 35 years of experience investigating malpractice cases. He can expertly evaluate a failure to diagnose case to determine if a doctor violated the accepted standards of care.

Our lawyers only consult with industry-leading medical specialists when handling a case. These experts can evaluate a client's injuries and long-term prognosis to help determine liability.

Misdiagnosis Negligence: Students, Interns and Residents

Detroit and Ann Arbor each have numerous hospitals and medical facilities. Some are teaching hospitals, providing interns and residents a place to practice medicine under an attending physician's supervision. They also provide hands-on experience for medical students.

If you suffered a lasting medical injury or condition due to the misdiagnosis or emergency room error of a student, intern or resident, we can help. We understand that all medical providers are capable of making serious mistakes and will work to hold those involved accountable.

Representative Failure to Diagnose Case

In a case involving a cardiology blood test in Adrian, the family doctor and his records claimed that he discussed alarming lab results with his patient, but the patient refused to cooperate with the further diagnostic tests necessary to enable doctors to properly diagnose his heart disease. When he died, his wife insisted that she knew her husband would have insisted that the test be done.

At the inception of this case, the defense lawyer asked how we could sue the doctor since the office records were perfect and indicated that the patient refused to be tested. We responded, "They're too perfect. We think they are made up and fraudulent. We want to take the doctor's deposition and send the records to a documents examiner." At deposition, when faced with false testimony, which is a felony in Michigan, the doctor admitted to falsifying the medical records after the patient's death. Within a week the case settled.

Free Consultation With Misdiagnosis Negligence Attorneys in Detroit

Please call our law firm today at 734-481-8800 orsend us an e-mail to discuss your failure to diagnose case. We provide contingency-based fees, so there are no attorney's fees unless we recover compensation for you.